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Meet Michelle. She and her husband have had multiple businesses over the years. Their two current businesses are housed under the one roof. One of which, ABC Embroidery, is running on simPRO. It’s a small operation that may otherwise be deemed too small for a beast like simPRO Enterprise but Michelle has found the software to be a perfect fit for her workflow.

Why is a system so important?

Like many of our clients, Michelle is a fan of a streamlined system. Interestingly, as Michelle began to integrate simPRO Enterprise into the embroidery business she realised she needed to understand her own workflow more thoroughly in order to achieve the fluidity she was looking for.


Pre-simPRO, a paper system was in place before going digital. It worked a charm – or so they thought. It wasn’t until Michelle began fitting her existing process into simPRO that she realised the dramatic improvements that could be made.

“We have more time on our hands and we have much happier staff"

- Michelle Lillicrap

Here’s a story we haven’t heard before

Michelle originally discovered simPRO Enterprise when she was searching for a system to run a previous merchandising business. The detailed reports uncovered a lack of profitability. Needless to say, they got out fast.

"Get outta here really fast, she’s gonna blow!"

- Michelle Lillicrap

Early Morning Sunrise

Getting their life back

Nowadays, Michelle likes to spend time in the garden on her eight acre property on the Gold Coast hinterland. She can keep an eye on the business from wherever and whenever she likes and has time to take sunrise photos with a cup of coffee at Burleigh Heads. Life’s pretty sweet.

In the following video Michelle explains just how important it is to align the software with your business workflow.



We’d like to thank Michelle for her time and for telling us about her operations at ABC Embroidery.

ABC Embroidery

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Photo of Michelle Lillicrap
Michelle Lillicrap

ABC Embroidery

ABC Embroidery, located in Brisbane, is a professional embroidery and digitising company. We cater for large or small orders and no minimum order quantity is necessary.

07 3844 9047
Brisbane, Australia


Brad Couper commented on Jul 27, 2016

Well done Michelle - great to see you were able to use simPRO to make good business decisions by exiting your old business before it all came down around you. That is the power of real time, detailed information - it tells you how it is, warts and all. Good luck with ABC - I hope all the simPRO contractors in Brisbane start coming your way!


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