Frank Bauer

Frank Bauer

Proguard Protection Services is committed to excellence when it comes to protecting your family and securing your home or office. Family owned and operated since 2001, Proguard is the Roaring Fork Valley’s leader in electronic security products and systems integration.

(970) 927-2026
Aspen, Colarado, United States
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Journey Timeline

29, 2017

Fewer hours & more productivity

Frank Bauer's, Proguard Protection Services has seen significant improvements since implementing simPRO in 2016. In the following story VP of Operations, David Divine and VP of Finances and …

growth security

25, 2017

With simPRO embedded, the ceiling of growth has been lifted

Frank Bauer II is the CEO of Proguard Protection Services in Aspen Colorado. The company has a total of 23 employees, 11 of which are in the field. Frank realized Proguard had hit a ceiling of …

growth security