Cruise ship bliss thanks to simPRO

The last time we spoke to John Libroaperto he was planning a holiday. It seems to be a popular goal. In fact, the majority of Journey-goers seem to have travel set in their sights once they’ve got the business running as it should.

John is no exception. Yes, he did go on that cruise. The whole family headed off just before Christmas for two weeks of cruise ship bliss dropping into New Caledonia, Noumea and Vanuatu.

John says the trick to keeping the business running smoothly while you're away is to make sure there is a reliable body back at the office to keep an eye on operations, someone who can play the office manager role while you're away.

While I was away, one of my guys would drop into the office just to check on things and make sure everything was running as it should.

- John Libroaperto


They bought a laptop just for the trip. Daily, John would check on operations and productivity in simPRO, and weekly he’d check who needs to be paid and how much. That simple.

Once the payments were processed, it was back to the deck chair.

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