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Aug 12, 2014 – Matt Harriden

Matt’s journey has just begun

Matt’s journey has just begun. Staff are trained, Enterprise is embedded in the business, the systems are in place. Next? Grow the business, nationwide. Systemised processes were high on … read more

Aug 12, 2014 – Paul Christie

Meet Paul Christie

  Meet Paul Christie, owner of Casalite Electrics. Paul is a prime example of an astute business owner always open to new ideas. Through simple processes and the introduction of new … read more

Aug 14, 2014 – Adam Bell

Adam Bell. Life away from the office

Meet Adam Bell. Adam bought his plumbing business from his father. He’s seen both the benefit of hard work and the drawback of the old way of doing things. Bell Plumbing has been in … read more

Nov 04, 2014 – Bozidar Jovanovic

BLUi primed for growth

It was two years ago when Boz sat down with his wife and mapped out their dreams. They soon realised that if their two girls were to attend a nice school, if they were to own a house, two cars … read more

Dec 10, 2014 – Andrew & Prue Aranovitch

Manage the system not the people

This Journey is somewhat special for us here at simPRO. Andrew and Prue of Mr A Electrics joined us wayyy back in 2002. In fact, they were the fourth company to begin using Enterprise (back … read more

Feb 03, 2015 – Matt Harriden

Slow holidays, tribal villages and too many customers.

Writing Journey blog posts is beginning to feel more like for a travel brochure than writing about the Trade industry. Slow holidays Today we dropped in to see Matt Harriden. Matt recently … read more

Apr 16, 2015 – Damian & Jody

Using simPRO to grow two businesses

In the early days Stimson Plumbing are a family owned business based in Dalby, QLD. They've been around for years, becoming Stimson Plumbing as it's known today back in 2003. They service the … read more

May 06, 2015 – Alistair Green

Rock solid platform for growth

With an exit in mind, Gavin Walton, owner of Condamine Electric Company wanted to build the business into a genuine SME. Alistair Green joined the business to look at the business structure. It … read more

May 29, 2015 – Paul Christie

Paul enjoyed the Journey so much he joined the company

Original Journey-goer, Paul Christie dropped in this afternoon to take care of some business. He's been doing that bit lately since, well, he's part of the team now! Literally. Notice his new … read more

Starting from scratch to disrupt the tyre industry

From corporate to the trades The story of Road Runner Mobile Tyres is quite different to the Journey case studies we’ve done before. In fact it's the opposite to that of a tradie-turned-business … read more

Aug 19, 2015 – Bozidar Jovanovic

What to do when all your projects hit pause

Dropping in to see these Journey goers, you never know what news awaits. Matt Harriden for instance has changed his business name (more on that in an upcoming update), Adam Bell was last seen … read more

Jun 09, 2016 – Damian & Jody

Those turbulent 3 months

Pictured above: Jody Monaghan in her EH Holden This time last year the Surat Basin was alive with hustle and work with the big gas pipelines. Now the installations are complete, that work is no … read more

Sep 09, 2016 – Campbell Fisher

Your Employee Induction Checklist

As you may be aware, the Fair Work Act places heavy responsibilities on employers, especially when it comes to hiring and inducting new staff. If you don’t pay attention to the details, you … read more