Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins

Hawkins On Fire - Fire Protection Services is a locally owned business located in Lismore, Northern Rivers NSW. It was established in 2004 by David and Kathy Hawkins. During this time, Hawkins On Fire has grown to be the premier fire protection business on the North Coast.

Lismore, NSW, Australia
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Journey Timeline

16, 2018

Regular training turns users into champions

Investing in staff training can reap enormous benefits for any business in more ways than one. Hawkins On Fire show how it’s done by continually up-skilling staff in the software they use every …

fireprotection training

25, 2017

Every software update brings new business opportunities

After joining Hawkins on Fire as Office Manager back in 2009, Eunice was tasked with managing office operations to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction and enable the business to grow. Finding …