Damian & Jody

Damian & Jody

Stimson Plumbing is a truly customer focused business, with all staff being trained to satisfy the customer first. We offer complete plumbing solutions by servicing everything from leaking taps and toilets to commercial renovations, civil engineering developments and large industrial enterprises.

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Dalby, Australia
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Journey Timeline

18, 2018

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

The title of this story is borrowed from an ancient Stoic philosopher named Seneca. It reminds me of many stories I hear from owners and operators in the trade industry. There’s often a …


09, 2016

Those turbulent 3 months

Pictured above: Jody Monaghan in her EH Holden This time last year the Surat Basin was alive with hustle and work with the big gas pipelines. Now the installations are complete, that work is no …

Australia plumbing

16, 2015

Using simPRO to grow two businesses

In the early days Stimson Plumbing are a family owned business based in Dalby, QLD. They've been around for years, becoming Stimson Plumbing as it's known today back in 2003. They service the …

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