Bozidar Jovanovic

Bozidar Jovanovic

BLUi Security Australia specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV, Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems.

1300 941 946
Sumner, QLD, Australia
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Journey Timeline

01, 2017

The pros and cons of using contractors over employees

In 2016, the owner of BLUi Security, Boz Jovanovic, learned a lifetime of lessons. His company had just had its biggest quarter after five years of being in business. It’s not uncommon to …

security HR Contractors Downtime

19, 2015

What to do when all your projects hit pause

Dropping in to see these Journey goers, you never know what news awaits. Matt Harriden for instance has changed his business name (more on that in an upcoming update), Adam Bell was last seen …

Australia growth security

04, 2014

BLUi primed for growth

It was two years ago when Boz sat down with his wife and mapped out their dreams. They soon realised that if their two girls were to attend a nice school, if they were to own a house, two cars …

Australia growth security