Alistair Green

Alistair Green

CEC strives to be Australia’s leading regionally-based electrical contractor providing high quality technical installations and innovative solutions for industrial, commercial and agricultural markets.

07 4662 3435
Condamine, QLD, Australia
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Journey Timeline

20, 2016

The sky’s the limit for this efficiency driver

The Journey is as much about the people as it is about their businesses. The business leaders we follow may be owners, general managers or even solo consultants. Alistair Green is a leader who …


05, 2016

Electrical incident builds strong team safety culture

Condamine Electric has had to ride the workload roller coaster just as Stimson Plumbing did when the flurry of work brought on by the gas pipeline in the Surat Basin dried up. As a result, …

growth electrical TeamCulture

06, 2015

Rock solid platform for growth

With an exit in mind, Gavin Walton, owner of Condamine Electric Company wanted to build the business into a genuine SME. Alistair Green joined the business to look at the business structure. It …

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