Adam Bell

Adam Bell

Competently providing residential and commercial plumbing solutions throughout Brisbane. Our range of services encompass everything from burst pipes to blocked drains, gas leaks, toilet installations and much more.

07 3354 3300
Brisbane, Australia
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Journey Timeline

21, 2017

An open letter of phenomenal success

If you’ve been following The Journey for a while you’ve probably already heard of Adam Bell. He was the guy who went from working long, long hours to becoming a triathlete in between fishing …


08, 2016

Adam continues his path to fitness

Remember our friend Adam Bell? Before simPRO he was getting into the office at 5:30am to dish out job cards to his field staff. Next thing we know, once simPRO is up and running, he’s …

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04, 2015

Adam is getting back on the tools, and you'd never guess why

Too much work is always a nice problem to have but having no-one to do the work isn't exactly what you want at a time when you could be making hay while the sun is …

freedom plumbing

09, 2014

Away from the office and into triathlons

Remember Adam Bell? The first milestone in Adam's journey was being able to leave the office for a fishing trip and know that everything was taken care of back in the office. If something had …

freedom fitness plumbing

14, 2014

Adam Bell. Life away from the office

Meet Adam Bell. Adam bought his plumbing business from his father. He’s seen both the benefit of hard work and the drawback of the old way of doing …

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