Adam is getting back on the tools, and you'd never guess why

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Too much work is always a nice problem to have but having no-one to do the work isn't exactly what you want at a time when you could be making hay while the sun is shining.

Last we spoke with Adam he was rockin his way to fitness and health. Nothing's changed here except, back at the office there's too much work coming in. 'So just hire more people' you might say. Well, there lies the problem. While there may be no shortage of applicants, it's the kind of person he'd be happy to send out to his clients that's been hard to find.

"Sometimes it only takes a quick chat on the phone to know they're not the right fit." - Adam Bell

In fact, a recent conversation with Damian Stimson revealed the same thing.

"I hire and fire based on their ability to represent us professionally. The plumbing skills should be a given." - Damian Stimson

Imagine the customer is your Mum. Are you happy to send 'field technician X' to their house, to go inside, and to leave a positive lasting impression? To not only carry out quality work, but to be courteous and helpful and to ensure they deliver the most cost effective solution for both you and the customer.

So while Adam keeps looking for an appropriate plumber, he's seriously considering getting back out on the tools. After all, as he says, "it's a free day's labour."

Meanwhile here's our man in action at the Australian Super Corporate Triathlon, May 2nd 2015.


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